Brooklyn Bedroom Collection

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Made by Handstone
Available in different Stains & with different Hardwear!
Made in Canada!

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Brooklyn 1 Drawer Nightstand P-BR10

Dimensions: 25Wx31Hx19-1/4D


Brooklyn 3 Drawer Nightstand P-BR13

Dimensions: 25Wx31Hx19-1/4D


Brooklyn 4 Drawer TV Hiboy P-BR16TV

Dimensions: 37Wx50Hx19-1/4D

Brooklyn 7 Drawer Hiboy P-BR16

Dimensions: 37Wx50Hx19-1/4D


Brooklyn 5 Drawer Lingerie Chest P-BR25

Dimensions: 25Wx50Hx19-1/4D

Brooklyn Mule Chest P-BR30

Dimensions: 52Wx44-1/2Hx19-1/4D


Brooklyn Dresser and Mirror P-BR18

Dimensions: 58-1/8Wx36Hx19-1/4D


Brooklyn Deep Long Dresser and Mirror P-BR18DL

Dimensions: 70Wx41Hx19-1/4D

Brooklyn Bed With Wraparound Footboard P-BRW-Q

Dimensions: 69Wx52Hx87D


Brooklyn Bed With Low Footboard P-BR-QL

Dimensions: 69Wx52Hx87D


Brooklyn Bed High Footboard P-BR-Q

Dimensions: 69Wx52Hx87D