Welcome to Ryn’s Furniture – Since the beginning, our customer service values have been our top priority! Aiming for excellence, our superb customer service has not gone unnoticed. Along with that, we also aim to provide a large selection of high-quality, affordable, Canadian made furniture. Located in both Caledonia and Niagara Falls, ON, we are your one-stop shop for your furnishing needs! With a large selection of products ranging from Mattresses, sofas, bar stools and more.

We are a family-owned and operated furniture store and have been catering to the residents of the Niagara Region and the Haldimand County for many years. We believe in a true consultation and guidance approach with our customers which is why we have dedicated time to find some of the region’s best designers!

We are thankful to our dedicated customers who have supported us for many years now! Made in Canada matters to us!

Why Buy Canadian Furniture?
Why is buying Canadian Futnirure so essential to us?! The answer is simple, our economy, our people and our environment! We want to uplift and help support our own local economy. Contributing to a positive effect on not only our own life but on the lives of other Canadians! By buying Canadian we can ensure labour laws are kept to standard and our ecological footprint is smaller. Finally, our community! Buying Canadian furniture creates a community of people that come together! We strive to carry products is built in a safe community, one that represents equality. So yes! Buying Canadian furniture is incredibly important to us! We hope it is the same for you too!